What Makes A Great Website Design?
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There are many aspects of design that can make your website good. What you need in order to convert visitors to conversions, is a great website.

There are thousands of themes on the internet right now that will make creating a nice looking website quite straight forward to get you started online. When you really want to get ahead, you will need a website design that makes you stand out from the crowd, and is as unique as you and your business.

So here we are. What really makes a great website design?

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The Design of Your Website & Functionality

Your website is a key part that will reflect your company, your services or products and of course – your brand. It has to look the part, and it has to match your branding. It should not be cluttered and should have a lot of white space allowing for quality photographs and graphics for you to get the message across to your customers exactly what it is you do and how you do it.

It’s not all about design though, your website should perform well in terms of speed and functionality. If someone finds errors in your website, it could put them off using you all together.

Your Website Should Be Easy To Use

These days everyone is in a hurry. The information you want to get across should be very clear and quick to access. User Experience known as UX plays a major part in assisting visitors to use and understand your website and in turn will keep them there.

Menus should have be logical with a clear layout and hierarchy, this will help your potential customers find what they need online.

The website shouldn’t contain any “dead ends” meaning that even if a potential customer can’t find what they need in the page they land on, make sure there is always a way for them to continue browsing or find something they may like – they are there for a reason.

Your website should contain onsite search to make it even easier for them to find something that they may have missed whilst looking.

Your Website Design Should Be Responsive

Today your website MUST be responsive, this means it will adjust the size of elements in your website to work across all devices, that could be a mobile, desktop or tablet.

There are more and more people using mobile devices than there was 10 years ago, and the number is growing each year. Your website being responsive and optimised for mobile will provide a good experience for your customers and promote search engines to rank you better.

High Quality and Fresh Content

Your content should be fresh and of a high quality focused towards the audience you are trying to reach, it’s best to not be too corporate if you are targeting a non corporate audience.

Your visitors would appreciate correct spelling, accurate information and fresh content.

Blogs and social media are a great way to add new content to your website, it may take a bit of time but is definitely worth it.

Easily Accessible Contact Information In Your Website Design

Make it easy for your potential to get in touch, make it simple for your customers to engage with you offering multiple points of contact including a phone number, email address and above all a contact form.

The main thing, is that your customers can access the contact information easily.

Clear calls to action

If your website is not asking the visitors to do anything, it’s certain that they wont. Even if your website is just informational, ask for something on every page.

That could be a simple like or share on Facebook, but use your call to actions clearly.

Optimized for Search and the Social Web

Its simply not enough just to get your website looking and functioning great, it needs to generate traffic and this can be done by making sure your website is up to standard with SEO.

You can find comprehensive guides in our Knowledge Base on search engine optimisation or you can always contact us for a SEO quote.

A few SEO Pointers

  • Use titles and meta tags on every page
  • Make sure content is optimised for what people search for example: What Makes A Great Website Design?
  • Use keywords appropriately and don’t stuff your keywords in
  • Keep your code on point and free from mess and clutter

Your content should be very easy to share, the more traffic you generate the better ranking you will achieve.

There is a lot more to each topic, but these are the basics on all of them.

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