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Sell Our Services & Get Paid

At SmartyXweb we offer an affiliate partner system. There are no charges for the system and you can even come into our office and use our public systems if you have no computer or internet access to manage your affiliate.

It works by creating an account in our affiliate system where you will be able to generate a unique link, when you share that link across platforms and make sales you will receive a 20% commission for each successful lead.

Jobs & Opportunities

Graphic Design

SmartyXweb is looking for graphic designers to join our team. We receive a lot of leads that require designers, and whilst we already have our in-house designers a lot of the time they are busy working on current projects. Because of this we are looking for a graphic designer to fulfil our requirements and all of the stand alone graphic work will be done through you, and even maybe the odd website graphics when the designers are too busy. This is a self-employed vacancy, for more information on how this works feel free to give us a call. 

Social Media Specialist

We are looking for a Marketing Specialist to join our team. Specifically in social media marketing, but if you already have marketing skills then we are sure they can be applied where we require them. We receive a lot of leads about Social Media Marketing, as our marketing team is busy working on strategies for the websites we develop when marketing leads come in we outsource these leads. Now we would like to keep them in-house and be managed by ourselves. This is a self-employed vacancy, for more information on how this works feel free to leave your details below.

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