Creating Competitions in WordPress

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If you have purchased a competitions website from us, this guide will teach you about creating competitions in WordPress.

Getting Started

You must login to your website to get started and navigate to the admin dashboard.

Creating the Competition in WordPress

When in the dashboard you can hover over “Products” and press “Add New”

When you arrive at the new product page, give it a title.

You can now add a description to your competition, this will be displayed at the bottom of the competition.

Great! Next you should add it to a category, you can find these on the right hand side.

Usually you would select the Competitions category – unless we have discussed custom options.

Next you want to change the product data from a “Simple Product” to “Lottery”.

Now you will see some boxes to fill in – this is your competition information.

Min Tickets – This is the minimum tickets to sell before the competition will be able to be drawn.

Max Tickets – The maximum tickets you will sell for that competition.

Max tickets per user – how many tickets you will sell to each customer for this competition.

Number of winners – How many winners will you have.

Next you want to add a price, and a sale price if you want to do promotional sales prices.

Then you will add a to and from date – this will initiate the countdown, note: Tickets can’t be sold until the competition has started.

For ticket numbers press “Allow Ticket Numbers”, tick “Randomly assign ticket numbers” – this will give them random ticket numbers instead of choosing their own.

You will want to select manual winner picking if using a random generator to pick winners from the spreadsheet.

Then tick answer a question to make the user choose an answer.

Don’t tick only allow true answers.

WordPress Competitions Questions

Then you can add the question and answers as you like.

Underneath this you will see “Short Description” – this is the text shown next to the pictures.


Next you want to click on “Set Featured Image”

You can then select images from the library or upload your own. – The featured image is the one used across the website.

Featured Image for Competitions

Next you can add “Gallery Images”

These are displayed in the competition page.

Finishing up

Now you can scroll up and press “Publish” – this will put the competition on the website in the correct places.

Good luck with your new venture! You will now know how about creating competitions in WordPress. If you get stuck ask for some support at

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