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June 23, 2022 No Comments Portfolio, Web Design Liam

Gorilla Baby posted a lead on Bidvine regarding his online fitness classes – we were more than happy to create the website design and got started right away.

Junior already had a logo and his branding setup so we built a website based around that.

The requirements of the website was straight forward, he needed an online presence to promote his fitness brand, a place to sell his fitness products and create a subscription section for his instagram page where members would be charged monthly.

So that’s exactly what we did. Starting with the header we created a triangle logo section to match his logo and then underneath a mega slider that promoted his videos within the website – along with the products.

After enticing the customers in with the video promotions we moved onto pricing tables – this section explained exactly what the customer gets for the subscription purchase. The requirements of this E-Commerce website was a little bit different, he required the purchase to have a box for people to put in their instagram account username so Junior can verify the purchase.

The fitness website that we designed was to a very high standard and Junior was so happy he asked us to design another fitness website for his other fitness brand called Legs Bum Tum.

The website we created for his other fitness brand was essentially a clone of Gorilla Baby but with modifications to match the brand – this is how Junior wanted it to keep the business streamlined across brands and is very happy with it.

Junior and ourselves are very happy with the outcome of this project and we look forward to doing more business in the future.

You can find the website at

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