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We contacted Lisa using Facebook regarding her page The School Uniform Shop in Wallasey as we noticed they did not have a school uniform website. Lisa was happy that we reached out to her and decided to go ahead with the school uniform e-commerce website design.

We had an initial design consultation and got started working.

Lisa did not have a digital logo for her website so we created one for her and she was really happy with it – we will always give you a free logo with your website if you don’t have one.

This was a little bit different than your basic E-Commerce website design as it required specific payment integrations with her current payment processor, a deposit system and a system to allow the customers to pay for the products over the course of a year in any amount they like, when they like.

This is a very complex system for a WordPress website, first we needed to create a system that allowed users to pay just a deposit on the clothing they purchased, once the deposit had been paid the user could create an account and top-up a “Wallet” in the E-Commerce website and then use the wallet funds to pay off the remaining balance. We created it to work exactly how it was needed and Lisa was very happy with the outcome of the project, and now her customers can shop happy and pay exactly how they want. This means a win-win for the business and customers and we are proud to have achieved that for them.

After the website design was complete and everything was tested, we give Lisa full training on how to use the system and she has been a customer with us ever since.

You can view the live website still being used by hundreds of parents each year at https://schooluniformshopwallasey.com/

Lisa is ranking #1 in Google for ‘school uniform wallasey’ keyword – this is a great achievement and we are glad that our design service took her there.

If you need an e-commerce website design like The School Uniform Shop feel free to give us a call or visit https://smartyxweb.com

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