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Colin from vape express was looking on Bark for a professional website designer to create a professional e-commerce website design for his business. Initially we sent a quote and Colin was happy with the price so we got to work.

The website required an online store with integration to the wholesaler website to automatically pull in the products and create the listings automatically and Colin wanted easy modification of the prices, this wasn’t a problem for us and we got working right away.

After a design consultation we got to work on the initial layout. This meant getting an idea of the branding of the company and deciding the the best layout options to create good customer engagement with the E-Comemerce website design. There was no logo for Vape Express so we created one for Colin and he was more than happy with it – we created it to match the branding of the website we created.

When Colin was happy with this we started working on the integration to the wholesale, we hit a few bumps – due to the wholesale categories not having good readability – so we created our own and imported the products into the right categories using a plugin and we were on our way. The website was looking great but it was hard to show the categories in a nice format

To display these categories nicely in the e-commerce website design we created a Mega Menu at the top of the website – this is basically a menu that allows us to add elements & images to display nicely across devices for such a big menu.

The website is now populated with all of the Vape products from the wholesale and looks great.

The business has since closed as Colin could not continue. The website was located at https://vape-express.co.uk

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