Web Design Course

SmartyXweb offer professional web design courses. The course we offer will take you step by step on how to create stunning websites for customers.

We don’t leave you stranded! After your course is complete we will work with you on projects you choose and only be a phone call away.

Getting Started

In the course you won’t just learn how to create websites, you will be taught in a 1 on 1 basis step by step.

Starting with a test website to get you used to how it works and the features Elementor has, we will create a small basic 5 page company website together.

Your Own Web Design Company 

Once you have got to grips on how the Elementor builder works we will go into more depth and create you your own business website. This will be the one you use to sell your web design services to others, so it needs to be perfect.

Focusing on your branding your website will reflect the kind of designer you are, and will be the first showcase in your portfolio.

The Final Website

When we have completed your website, we will go ahead and create one last website, this will be a custom E-Commerce website of your choice. We will install multiple plugins and we will show you how to configure new plugins in the website so you get to grips with it. 

Marketing & Finding Clients

We don’t leave you stranded without customers after you have completed the course!

Using our companies we will show you how we get customers ourself. This process can take time, but you are going to get some work in the first couple of weeks by uing the methods we do to get customers.

We have a few ways for you to gain some instant custom, this is in the form of CPC Campaigns and we also use websites that forward design work to us, we will get you registered on these websites and ready to get work right away.

After Care

When you have finished the course and are getting customers, we are behind you every step of the way. If you get a website and are overwhelmed, or maybe you have taken too much work we are behind you, give us the budget you have on the website and we are happy to go 50% on it and guide you through each step on how we create it. Your still learning even after the course.

Course Contents
Domain Management
  1. Registering Domain Names
  2. Working With DNS
  3. Managing WordPress Installations in Plesk Control Panel
  4. Securing Your Domain with SSL
  5. Configuring Email Accounts

WordPress Management
  1. Installing plugins ready for design.
  2. Creating Pages
  3. Menu Management
  4. Explaination of Elementor
  5. Creating a Header
  6. Creating a Footer
  7. Creating & Designing a Homepage
  8. Create Stunning Contact Pages
  9. Installing Plugins for Custom Content
  10. Adding E-Commerce Functionality
  11. Email Design
  12. PHP Functions

HTML Basics
  1. What is HTML
  2. Using HTML in Elementor

CSS Basics
  1. What is CSS and why do we use it?
  2. Creating a Style Sheet.
  3. Using CSS In WordPress & Elementor